Nicholas_II.pngCase Study I: The Decline and Fall of the Romanov Dynasty

1. Nicholas II as Autocrat

2. Political, Economic and Social Grievances in early twentieth-century Century Russia

  • Growth of Industrial Development: living and working conditions
  • Causes and effects of Russo-Japanese War
  • 1905 Revolution
  • The October Manifesto
  • Lenin and Trotsky

3. The Tsar’s failure to address the problems of Russia

  • The Dumas
  • Rising Civil unrest
  • Demonstrations/strikes

4. The Role of World War I in the Fall of the Tsarist Regime

  • Reasons for entry
  • Early setbacks: Tannenburg and Masurian Lakes
  • Economic, social and political problems caused by the War
  • Influence of Rasputin
  • March Revolution
  • Tsar’s abdication
  • Assassination of Imperial Family