INTERNATIONAL STUDY: The Cold War 1945–1991

Past HSC Questions

‍HSC 2010

(a) To what extent did the creation of the Berlin Wall in 1961 affect the development of the Cold War?
(b) Evaluate the successes and failures of the policy of Détente by the end of the 1970s.

HSC 2009

(a) To what extent were emerging differences between the superpowers responsible for the origins of the Cold War to 1949?
(b) Assess the role of the arms race in maintaining Cold War tensions after 1949.

HSC 2008

(a) To what extent did the ideologies of communism and capitalism influence the Cold War in the period 1945–1991?
(b) Assess the consequences of détente for the Cold War.

HSC 2007

(a) Assess the significance of the Truman Doctrine for the origins and development of the Cold War.
(b) To what extent were Soviet attitudes and policies under Gorbachev responsible for ending the Cold War?

HSC 2006

(a) Evaluate the view that the Korean War was the most significant crisis affecting superpower relations in the period 1948–1962.
(b) Assess the impact of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan on the development of the Cold War in the period 1979–1991.

HSC 2005

(a) To what extent were the policies of the USSR the major cause of Cold War crises? (In your response, refer to at least one crisis in depth.)
(b) How effective were nuclear protesters in influencing attempts to limit and control nuclear weapons during the Cold War?