The Partition of Palestine

  • How did the United Nations become involved in the Palestine issue?
  • Outline the UNSCOP partition plan for Palestine.
  • What was the response of the USA and USSR to partition?
  • How did the Arabs respond to partition?
  • When was the end of the British Mandate and the proclamation of the state of Israel?

Feb 1947: British signalled the end of their Mandate and United Nations took responsibility for the issue.
UNSCOP United Nations Special Committee on Palestine.

Sept 1947 UNSCOP recommended partition, with UN-administered Jerusalem. Rejected by Arabs, accepted by Jews.
Partition gave Jews 56% of Palestinian land. They were 33% of population.

No country took responsibility for supervising the partition and maintaining peace.
Arabs began conflict which became the first Arab-Israeli War.

Nov 1947: UN vote on partition. 33 nations in favour. 13 against. 10 abstained.
14 May 1948: official end of British Mandate. The state of Israel proclaimed. David Ben-Gurion first PM.