Read the information in the website below and write responses to the following:
  • What does "holocaust" mean?
  • What was the Nazi belief about "race"?
  • What was the "final solution"?
  • Explain how the "final solution" was carried out? Refer to concentration camps, Einsatzgruppen, gassing facilities. Click on some of the links to get a more detailed description.
  • What was the impact of the holocaust on the Jewish population of Europe?
  • What happened to the surviving Jewish population after World War II?

Website: Introduction to the Holocaust

Explore the website: follow the links on the right hand side to view photographs, personal histories, artifacts, maps and historical film footage. Take plenty of time with this - there is much to explore.
Describe what you see and hear in the historical film footage. (Some are silent - Warning: some of the images may be distressing).
Read some of the related articles (follow the links at the bottom of the page).

From the information you have gathered, and what you already know about Palestine in the inter-war period, write a response to the following:
Explain the impact of the holocaust on the development of a Jewish state in Palestine.