external image 245px-Gws_balfour_02.jpgBalfour Declaration

  • Outline Britain's growing influence in the Middle East up to World War I (use "Challenge" - p.107 and map p.108)
  • Explain the significance of the Middle East in British war strategy during World War I
  • What were each of the following and what was the impact of each on Britain, Arabs and Jews
    • Hussein-McMahon Correspondence
    • Sykes-Picot Agreement
    • Balfour Declaration
  • Read the Balfour Declaration and answer questions p.77 of text.

Mandate System
  • What was the Mandate system established for the Middle East after World War I?
  • How was the Middle East divided?
  • How did this reflect the agreements Britain had made during the war?

Conflict in the 1920s and 1930s
(Challenge pp.110-11 "Palestine under the British Mandate"; Origins pp.79-83 "Palestine in the interwar period")
  • Outline the developments in relations between Jews and Arabs in Palestine in this period.
  • Outline the role of the British in this period.

external image 1922-mandate_for_palestine.jpg